Tree Decay / Tree Rot / Tree Cavity – Detection & Mapping

Tree Decay / Tree Rot / Tree Cavity – Detection & Mapping

Elliott Consultancy Limited utilise a broad range of traditional and state of the art equipment to assess levels of tree decay / tree rot or the size of a cavity.

In situations where significant internal tree decay / tree rot, or a cavity is suspected but where external signs are limited it may be necessary to investigate the internal structure of the tree using a variety of methods and tools. Within a tree survey or inspection we can offer further detailed assessment using one or more of the following prognostic tools:decay detection,tree rot, tree decay

  • IML Resistograph¬© Decay Detection Drill
  • Thermographic Inspection using thermal imaging cameras
  • Increment Core Analysis

Following quantification and mapping of internal decay an appraisal of the tree using modern research and current industry best-practice will ensure the correct prognosis and recommendations are made.


The practice offers its tree decay detection services nationwide, but primarily serves Yorkshire, Humberside, Teesside, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Cumbria.