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Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Regulation Alterations April 2012

On the 6th April 2012 a new set of Tree Preservation Order TPO regulations came in to force for England.

The existing legislation that governs the making and administering of TPO’s has been consolidated into a new set of regulations, but the powers for local authorities to make a TPO or the protection provided remains unaffected.

Briefly, the main alterations are:

  • The order has been considerably reduced in size with only the most pertinent information present.
  • New orders take immediate effect and the local authority has six months in which to confirm the order.
  • Local authorities no longer have to notify all potentially affected parties of the TPO only those who have the right the prune or fell the tree(s).
  • Under the previous regulations trees could be removed without consent from the local authority for being dead, dying or dangerous. Dying has now been omitted from the exemptions, whilst the removal of dead branches within a live┬átree has been introduced. Furthermore 5 days notice should be given to the local authority when intending to work on dead trees, except in cases of extreme hazards.
  • A new 2 year period for consents to be actioned has been set; the local authority can vary this where appropriate however.

These are only the pertinent changes, should you wish to read an extended summary please follow the link: http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planningandbuilding/pdf/2127685.pdf