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  • Genetic Research Identifies Ash Dieback Resistance Test

    Scientists at the University of York and the John Innes centre have identified genetic markers that could assist in identifying ash trees that are resistant to Ash Dieback. Ash Dieback, is caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (previously Chalara fraxinea) which often results in tree …

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  • Published – Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery

    A publication by The Trees and Design Action Group entitled ‘Trees in Hard Landscape: A Guide for Delivery’ which explores the challenges and solutions for integrating trees into the 21st century urban landscape has been released. The guide has been produced with the input of …

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  • Public Forests Protected from Development

    An amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that will see publicly-owned forests protected from development has been hailed as a success by environmental campaigners. The Bill would have allowed the government to have passed public forests, along with other publicly-owned land, to the Homes and Communities …

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  • Happy Birthday Arboricultural Association

    In 2014 the Arboricultural Association celebrates its 50th anniversary.  The association has been championing trees all this time promoting good practice, training standards and the environmental benefits that trees provide.

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  • Tree-Related Training Courses and Seminars now offered

    Having provided many tree-related courses and seminars on a ad-hoc basis with great success we have formalisied the provision of such training courses within our services offered. From seminars on Trees within the Planning & Development Process to Tree Inspector Courses. Tree-Related Training Courses  

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  • Management Options for Ash Dieback

    There has been a call for practical advice about how to deal with Ash Dieback infections and the Forestry Commission has responded by producing the following website that provides brief information regarding the management of ash trees: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-92PJKX#2Managementoptions Since the initial Chalara fraxinea outbreak was …

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  • Chalara fraxinea Life Cycle & Symptoms Video

    Fera (The Food and Environment Research Agency) has produced a short video that shows the symptoms of Ash Dieback and briefly explains the life cycle of the Chalara fraxinea fungus.

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  • Study Reveals Benefits of Edinburghs Trees

    A study undertaken by Forestry Commission Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council has estimated that Edinburgh’s urban forest, consiting of some 600,000 trees, removes around 100 tonnes of harmful airborne pollutants each year, a benefit estimated to be worth around £2.3 million. Using i-Tree Eco developed by the …

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  • Woodland Biosecurity Measures Video

    The Forestry Commission has produced a short video to inform visitors of forests and woodlands how they can help to minimise the spread of tree pathogens by following simple biosecurity measures. In the wake of the Ash Dieback outbreak it is important for woodland users …

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  • Ash Dieback Symptoms Video

    The Forestry Commission have provided this useful video showing how to identify ash dieback symptoms. The Forestry Commission website provides a checking procedure and contact details should anyone suspect they have identified infected trees: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/chalara

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